Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf

During January I visited the Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf. It featured a display of 30 different light sculptures and installations, spread out around different locations in the area. Canary Wharf has always been one of my favourite parts of London as it's so clean and modern looking. I think it was a great location for the light show. 

I thought this piece was simple yet nice. I like how it utilises the absence of light.

This piece was interesting because it changed colours and you could actually stand inside of it.

These was a series of neon benches that changed colour. This was my favourite colour configuration.

This was one of my favourites. It used a EEG headset to synchronise the lighting to the wearer's brainwaves. I love the intersection of art and science in this piece.

An absolutely stunning water and light show. All the different components were so beautifully in sync.

 The Winter Lights Festival was amazing and I hope it returns next year.

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