Las Vegas Part 7: Neon Museum

My favourite part of my Vegas trip was visiting the Neon Museum. It was in Downtown Las Vegas and featured old neon signs from hotels and casinos.  In order to visit you had to book a guided tour where a guide would give you the history of all the different signs. There was an option to visit at night which I rally wanted to do, but it was already booked up when we were ordering our tickets. However, I think it was actually better to go during the day as I was able to get better pictures, and most of the signs don't light up, only a select few that have been restored. Since I'm writing this post 6 months after visiting, I don't remember most of the backstories behind the signs to be honest. 

The sign above is one of my favourites. It's from the 'Moulin Rouge' hotel and the letters were arranged to read 'in love' (the sign was so large it was hard to get a good picture with the 'in' showing as well). One of the most interesting things about this museum was being able to get so close to these signs and get some perspective of how big they actually are. It's hard to tell how big they are when they're high up and far away. Most of them were bigger than me (which isn't a hard thing to achieve to be honest, but anyways).

I quite like the effect of the wearing on the signs as it gives them some character.

Some of the signs actually had thousands of lights on them. It made me wonder how much power they must consume. It's a good thing that Las Vegas uses a lot of renewable energy!

This sculpture was really tall! It was another one of my favourite pieces at the museum.

I thought this large skull was really cool too. I kind of had the urge to climb it but of course that's not allowed...

The Neon Museum was beautiful and it's definitely worth going to. There's so many signs to see and the guide was really informative. The rest of the Downtown area was really cool too and I'll be writing about that in my next post.

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