Las Vegas Part 2: Hotels, Fountains, and Fake Paris

The second time I visited The Strip was during the day. Firstly, I visited the Aria hotel. Outside there was a beautiful water fountain which moved in interesting patterns and was illuminated with neon lighting. I imagine it must look even more breathtaking at night. 

 There were also lots of pretty flowers outside the Aria too. Every aspect of the internal and external architecture was incredibly well thought out.

This amazing glass flower installation was on the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel. It's entitled 'Fiori di Como' and it was created by Dale Chihuly. These pictures are quite a cropped view as it is composed of 2000 glass-blown flowers. I'm in awe of how much time it must have taken to create.

I wanted to visit the Bellagio to see the famous fountain show. I've seen videos of similar water shows in Dubai so it was cool to be able to see one in person.  In fact, the water fountain outside the Burk Khalifa was designed by the same company (WET Design) that designed this one. However, the one in Dubai is 25% larger (of course). I feel like Vegas and Dubai are kind of like cousins, both over the top cities built in the middle of deserts that have a slightly uncanny artificial feel.

The water show was really grand and you can see the scale of it in this picture as it's taller than some of the hotels. In this picture you can also see two of Vegas' most famous imitation attractions - The London Eye and The Eiffel Tower. In fact I went up the Eiffel Tower (I find it kinda funny that I went to this one before the real one in Paris which is closer to where I live).

The street was even called 'Paris.'

Of course it's not Paris without love locks.

Seeing Vegas from the top of the Eiffel Tower was really cool as it was interesting to see the contrast between the flashy, condensed city and the mountains in the distance.

One of my other favourite hotels was The Venetian which had absolutely stunning architecture. I actually felt like I was in Venice for a couple of minutes.

 Every parent's worst nightmare.

The Strip really looks its best at night because all the neon lights come on. If you know anything about me, you'd know that I'm a sucker for neon lighting.

I really liked the colour changing lights on the exterior of The Linq.

I love how glitzy the old-school style neon lights are. They're exactly what I envisioned when I thought of Vegas.

This was only the second of many trips to The Strip. I visited lots of other interesting places that I will hopefully be writing about soon.

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