Las Vegas Part 1: Caesers Palace

During Christmas 2016 I visited Las Vegas. I was quite excited as it was my first time there. I had already compiled a list of everything I wanted to do and a lot of the stuff was in an area called The Strip. This is the touristy area which has loads of hotels, casinos, clubs, and restaurants. Unlike a lot of places I've been to before, the hotels were tourist attractions. By that I mean that they all have some sort of theme or distinctive feature and it was a common thing for people to spend the day walking through the different hotels to appreciate the architecture and enjoy various facilities. As it was Vegas, they all contained a casino of course. But some hotels also had theatres, bowling alleys, aquariums and other stuff in them. I went to a lot of cool places and took loads of pictures so I'm going to split my time in Vegas into various different posts. I'll begin with my first night.

I arrived in Vegas in the late evening after a 10 hour flight. Of course I was exhausted but I didn't want to rest. I just wanted to hurry up and see stuff. I dropped my bags at my cousins' house, had something to eat quickly,  and then we were off. We headed to The Strip and went to a hotel that was at the top of my list called Caesars Palace. It has stunning architecture that is Roman inspired but with modern elements such as neon lighting. I suppose we could call it Neon-Classical. 

Inside there is a mall called 'The Forums Shops' with a mixture of high end and high street stores and restaurants. I was very into this colour changing neon H&M wall. There was also a really cool Sephora with an amazing  Pat McGrath Labs display (We need a Sephora in London asap). I was unaware at the time but after doing more research into the hotel I found out that it also features a massive arena called 'The Colosseum' (of course) and has hosted boxing events since the 70s. 

There is usually a Moving Statues Show that usually takes place where the statues move around and talk. Unfortunately by the time we arrived, it had already finished for the day. Nevertheless, I still appreciated the amazing architecture. I love the contrast between the classical architecture and the store logos. 

This bust had amazing eyelashes.

Me displaying one of my main talents: an inability to keep my eyes open in photos.

It was definitely one of the most impressive hotels that I saw and was a great way to start my trip. 

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