Crush Concert @ Kamio 28/11/16

In November, I was lucky enough to go to Crush's second concert in London as part of his Europe 'Wonderlust Tour'. I want to emphasise 'luck' as loads of things almost got in my way of going to this concert. Firstly, I was very fortunate that a second date was announced due to high demand. When I was trying to buy tickets for the first date, my bank blocked the payment and I didn't have time to sort it out because 1) I had to go to my class and 2) tickets sold out really quickly. When I called my bank later, they said they thought it was fraud -_-. I was really devastated as Crush is one of my favourite singers and this would be his first concert in London. However, it turns out it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up going to a wedding in Miami that weekend anyways.

I kept checking Cult of Ya's (the organisers) Facebook everyday hoping for another date to be announced. I thought the chances were very slim but I didn't want to give up. Then, one day my wish came true and they announced a second day, which would be on the day after the first show (on a Monday). I figured that if I booked my flights right I could get back from Miami in time for the concert. I went ahead and bought my ticket, figuring I could always sell it if I wouldn't get back in time. I was able to get a VIP ticket which included early entry and a meet and greet with Crush. I was so ecstatic. My flight back from Miami had a layover in Barcelona and I kept thinking of the worst. What if one of my flights get delayed or cancelled? 

Somehow, I made it back on time. In fact, my flight arrived at Heathrow 10 minutes early. I went home, showered, dressed and did my makeup quickly, and then went to meet my friend at the tube station near the venue. We both did a huge sigh of relief because neither of us were 100% sure that it would work out. The venue was a small club which was actually quite nice because the show was really intimate. Me and my friend starting lining up at around 4.30 and our early entrance time was 6.30. There was already quite a long line (as I expected). I'm glad we had VIP because it meant we got a good spot near the front. 

The meet and greet was quite short. We were in a group photo with Crush and 2 other people and then we had to move along. I just about managed to say 'Hi.' Crush was really sweet though and thanked us for coming. 

Regular doors opened at 8pm and the show didn't start until 9pm so we had a bit of time to wait. However we weren't bored because 1) we had so much adrenaline from the excitement and 2) before Millic's opening set, DJ Illustrious played some songs. He played a good mix of kpop and hip hop and the crowd was really into it. It was the perfect mix to hype us up for the concert. Eventually Millic came on and I was really impressed by his set. I love his stuff on soundcloud and hearing him in person was even better.

When it was time for Crush to come on, everyone went wild. He opened with 'You & I' and then went on to sing the Jay Park 'Mommae' remix which he featured on. I apologise in advance for the shakiness and out-of-focus-ness of my videos. The venue lighting didn't agree with my phone and I was also to busy dancing to hold my phone still (Crush sounds amazing so it's ok). I don't remember the exact order of the set list but he played a lot of my favourites such as 'Hug Me', 'A Little Bit', 'Woo Ah', 'Sometimes', and of course the legendary Oasis' (just to name a few). He interacted with the audience quite a bit, giving lots of eye contact and stopping to talk every now and then.
Millic rapped Zico's part during 'Oasis' which was quite cool. As you can see from my videos, Crush enjoyed spraying us with water. Honestly it was so hot in the crowd I was very glad to be cooled down for a few seconds.


I'm really glad that everything worked out and I was able to see one of my favourite singer's who I didn't even expect to come to my country. It was one of the best concerts I've been to. Crush has amazing live vocals and great stage presence. Also, the crowd was really chill and nice and everyone was just enjoying themselves (as I'm sure you can tell from the loud voices of the people around me in my videos). I really hope that he comes back to London one day so I can see him again. 

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