Copenhagen Part 1: Den Blå Planet, Superkilen Park, and The Round Tower

In February 2017 I visited Copenhagen. Yes, almost a year ago. Unfortunately I got quite behind on this blog last year after having my second year A Level exams, a very busy summer (which I will get around to writing about eventually), and starting my Art Foundation in September 2017. With the intensity of the course, and starting a part time job, I didn't have much time to update this blog (in fact I have to write a blog for my Art Foundation also so that became more of a priority.) In 2018 I want to focus more on this blog as I really enjoyed writing it and I like how I have no obligation to do so, unlike my Art Foundation blog which feels like a chore most of the time. I have over 40 posts planned out in a notebook about various concerts, exhibitions, and events that I attended last year. The number feels quite overwhelming as I want to write about things in order. I feel like I'll never get to a place where I'm writing about things right after they happened. However, I'll try not to let that deter me from continuing because as I said, there's no pressure to write this blog.

Okay, enough rambling, and now onto Copenhagen. Copenhagen is somewhere that I always wanted to visit. I had this super romanticised view of it in my head as being a super-modern yet historical, laid back, and tranquil place. It lived up to my expectations and then some. I was not disappointed at all. Before I went, I had planned out all the sights and museums I wanted to visit. I checked which were the closest together so I could plan the most logical way to see them all. I wanted to do as much as possible.

I arrived on Sunday night and me and my Dad walked around the city centre a bit. This picture doesn't do the view justice at all. The reflection of the lights on the water was beautiful.

All your fast food needs in one building. I tried Danish KFC on another day and it was actually really tasty and had different menu items to the UK. I would have liked to try more of the food there but it was quite overpriced for fast food.

 I went to sleep quite late because I was so excited and woke up super early without an alarm due to excitement as well. In fact, everyday I woke up at 7:00 am because I didn't want to waste any time and just wanted to see as much as possible. The view from my hotel window was amazing so it made me even more excited to start my day. 

On Mondays, museums and galleries in Copenhagen are closed. So it made sense to visit the non-museums on my list: Den Blå Planet, Superkilen Park, and The Round Tower which were all open. I travelled by bus because it was quite cheap. I liked how I could just buy a ticket on the bus (unlike in London).

Me about to almost miss the elevator because I wanted to take a picture in the nice mirror.

I loved the architecture of the office buildings I saw on my walk to the bus stop. I imagine that they would be great to work in as the glass exterior would allow lots of natural light in.

On the way to the aquarium were 'Modified Social Benches' by Jeppe Hein. I had seen some orange ones in London along Southbank and thought they were really interesting, so it was cool to see them in another place. I like how the benches all have varying degrees of usability and some are quite abstract. 

I like aquariums, but to be honest by main reason for visiting was the amazing architecture - it resembles a whirlpool. It is also the largest aquarium in Northern Europe so I knew it was definitely a sight worth seeing. 

I definitely recommend visiting Den Blå Planet if you go to Copenhagen. It's a beautiful place inside and out. 

Some pretty buildings near the aquarium.

After the aquarium, I got back on the bus and headed to Nørrebro (the most diverse part of Copenhagen) to visit the urban park, Superkilen. It was one of those super photogenic places that everyone seems to visit when they go to Copenhagen. The idea of the park is to celebrate diversity and encourage people to come together. The different objects around the park come from all over the world. Unfortunately it was rather quiet when I visited as it had snowed a few days before, so it was rather icy and slippery. Not ideal for running around on. However, it was still nice to see. Hopefully next time I visit Copenhagen I can experience it in better weather.

I thought this colourful wall was really cool and brightened up the street.

Next stop was back to the city centre to visit the Round Tower which had an amazing interior with a spiral walkway and minimal white walls. 

Transparent opening in a small cave-like hole in the floor to remind you how high up you are.

Views of the city from the top. Definitely a must see in Copenhagen.

More pretty architecture. I love how this person was riding along on their bike at just the right time for the photo.

My first day in Copenhagen was very eventful and it only got better from there. More Copenhagen posts coming soon!

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